112-6 Kashiwa-cho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama 241-0835 Tel: 045-363-3356, Fax: 045-489-3130, Email: contact@hyis.org
Learning is a path cultivated with pride,uniqueness and discovery!
Being bilingual is the foremost goal of the HYIS educational experience and we
promote this through our various multicultural events and subject study areas. We
especially encourage bilingual, multi-cultural families to enroll their children at HYIS,
although we welcome children from all nationalities in our classrooms.
Mrs. Patricia Aldana
The belief that every childs voice must be heard is the foundation of the HYIS educational philosophy. We honor and respect your child and have designed a program that will cater to your child individual needs so that they can become active facilitators of their own learning. The most significant facet of what we offer is the CELEBRATION of each childs learning and individuality.
Under my direction, HYIS teachers provide developmentally appropriate materials that
advance step by step with each childs natural physical, mental and emotional
development. I have worked hard to ensure that the HYIS curriculum is structured in a
way that promotes growth and development through social interaction. Our child-
centered approach and integrated, creative curriculum not only promotes learning
through fun, and also make clean up an important part of their play session.
It is a delight to welcome you to Hitokoe Yokohama International School. At HYIS we
aspire to provide a quality, nurturing and educational environment for children aged
eighteen months to six years old. With multiage classes and a curriculum based on
learning via experience and play, I am confident that you will find no other school in
Asahi-ku that matches our dedication to quality, early childhood English education.